School Daze (1988)

  • Comedy, Musical
  • 2h 0m

One year before his culture-shaking breakthrough Do The Right Thing, Spike Lee zeroed in on racial and social divisions at an all-black university. Laurence Fishburne stars as Dap, Mission College’s campus radical, who is at odds with both the administration and students. Not least among the latter is Julian (Giancarlo Esposito), the “Big Brother Almighty” of a fraternity populated by the exact type of students to whom Dap is morally opposed. When Dap’s young cousin, Half-Pint (Lee), becomes a pledge, it all comes to a head. Likened to Animal House as filtered through Pan-Africanist politics, School Daze is an eminently listenable musical comedy and an incisive satire about Black life in the ’80s that has yet to lose its bite more than 30 years later.


Spike Lee